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Final Demonstration of the ICARUS project in a Sea Search and Rescue Scenario

On the 9th and 10th of July 2015, the final field trials of the robotic tools developed within the FP7 project ICARUS will take place in the Portuguese Naval Base and Academy (ICARUS member CINAV), at Alfeite (Lisbon), Portugal. These sea trials will showcase how the robotic tools developed by the ICARUS project partners can assist “human” search and rescue teams during a major disaster at sea, such a the sinking of a large ferryboat or a cruising ship.

Multiple unmanned maritime and aerial vehicles equipped with powerful sensors will be deployed in a simulated crisis management exercise. These unmanned vehicles will collaborate as a coordinated team, communicating via ad hoc cognitive radio networking. To ensure optimal human-robot collaboration, these vehicles will be seamlessly integrated into the command and control tools of the human crisis managers.

The presentations will be delivered in English.

WP420 - Sea Demo Public Days

July 9th

Partial demonstrations
In the morning from 9h30m to 12h30m

  • Fixed wing UAV (ETHZ): area general survey and victim detection;
  • Quadrotor (ASCAMM): restricted area and victim detection;
  • USVs (ROAZ and U-RANGER): area scanning, victim detection, obstacles avoidance, and UCAPs transport and launch;
  • UCAPs: approach to victims, inflation;
  • Command & Control tools,

July 9th

Partial demonstrations
In the afternoon from 14h30m to 17h00m

Performing integrated operations

  • Victims detection using a UAV(s), USVs approach, UCAPs launch and raft inflation;
  • Integration of Command & Control and training tools.

July 10th

Integrated demonstration of a search & rescue operation
In the morning from 9h30m to 13h00m

ICARUS Welcome presentation. Operation progress monitoring:

  • Scene 1 – Alarm acknowledge, preparation, fixed wing UAV deployment;
  • Scene 2 – General survey and detection of clusters of victims;
  • Scene 3 – Deployment de USVs and evolution follow up;
  • Scene 4 – USVs features presentation;
  • Scene 5 – UAV quadrotor deployment and features presentation;
  • Scene 6 – USVs approach to clusters of victims and UCAPs launch;
  • Scene 7 – UCAP navigation and raft inflation;
  • Scene 8 – Victims rescue.

Demo Closure

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